How To Quit Smoking Cigarettes

Using Herbal Smokes MINI COURSE

With simple, actionable steps, our goal with this mini course is to help you make real life progress with quitting your addiction to cigarettes.

We will briefly talk about:

·     What are herbal smokes

·     Using herbal smokes to help you quit smoking cigarettes

·     Are herbal smokes good or bad for you

·     Can herbal smokes be smoked long term

Meet Heather Griffith,

co-founder of Herbal Spirits!

Shortly after HEATHER GRIFFITH stumbled upon herbal smokes, she was finally able to quit her 8-year addiction to chain smoking cigarettes with the knowledge and tools inside of the course How To Quit Smoking Using Herbal Smokes! Roughly two months after her last cigarette on November 3rd, 2017, she also quit the regular use of herbal smokes. After this rapid, life changing transformation, Heather and her husband knew the world needed her tools, and the information that she accumulated and continues to discover. The couple combined their skillsets and founded what you now know as Herbal Spirits. They are on a mission to support people all around the world with quitting their addiction to smoking cigarettes and taking back their mental, emotional, and physical freedom.

What Are Herbal Smokes?
Herbal smokes are herbs and flowers rolled into a pre-roll form, used to help one quit smoking cigarettes, in ceremony, or in moderation for therapeutic purposes.
Using Herbal Smokes
Once you’ve completely stopped smoking cigarettes, temporarily allow yourself to smoke herbal smokes anytime it will prevent you from lighting up a cigarette.
Lasting Success
The goal is to quit smoking cigarettes, then quit your reliance on herbal smokes, while simultaneously setting yourself free mentally, emotionally, and physically.

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"Twenty whole years of my life I smoked cigarettes. I literally NEVER thought I would be the type of person who could quit- the habit was so engrained in my everyday life that it seemed an insurmountable task to become cig free. Sooo many times I wanted to quit and was afraid, and I always felt this sense of guilt and shame about it, worried for my health, etc… Over the years I tried using nicotine patches and other methods of quitting but I would never last beyond one day, and would sadly give in to cigs. I am soooo beyond thankful to have come across Herbal Spirits when looking up alternative ways to quit once again. It was the thing I found that worked for me... Reflecting today, I am so happy and proud so be able to say it’s now been 850 days since I quit (which I am still in disbelief about)…I’ve saved well over $7K in that time, as well as the countless health benefits of quitting which my body thanks me for everyday, above all else. 17,000 cigarettes not smoked in the time since quitting. Unbelievable… THANK YOU HERBAL SPIRITS from the very bottom of my heart." - Cari S.